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Broadband Providers Compete - T1 Line Pricing

BridgeOne Broadband Marketplace provides an absolutely FREE service that simplifies your search for connectivity and allows you to compare pricing and services from leading providers in your area. Benefit from provider competition and get multiple quotes for all broadband services including:

T1  ::   DS3 / T3  ::   VOIP  ::   Colocation  ::   Disaster Recovery

Don't waste your valuable time searching for the right provider. By simply filling out our 30 second online form, you can sit back and let us bring the broadband service quotes to you. Simply choose to receive an internet quote, voice quote, or integrated quote (data and voice).

Save time and money by:

  • Getting multiple provider quotes in one place. No need to contact each of the providers directly. We identify the providers in your area and have them send a quote. Make the best decision when selecting a broadband provider by having all the facts upfront.

  • Getting the best rates available. With the highly competitive nature of the broadband industry, providers compete to give you the best rates available. Let each provider supply you with a competitive quote and save time by letting them come to you.

  • Using an absolutely FREE service. Compare quotes from leading broadband providers for FREE with NO OBLIGATION.

T1 Line and Broadband Services

BridgeOne Broadband Marketplace can help companies of all sizes looking for providers of broadband services. If you need help determining the service that's right for you, general connection guidelines are listed below:

Broadband Providers Product Detail

A 256 kbps to 1.5 mbps connection designed to serve 5 to 50 users. Business DSL is a cost effective way for small businesses to acquire high speed bandwidth, however, it is not intended to support commercial client-side applications or large numbers of users like a t1 line. Business DSL service starts at $79.99 per month.

1.5 mbps broadband data connection - T1 lines are more expensive than business dsl but also provide a much more reliable connection. Normally, when a company needs a t1, the biggest factor is reliability where consistency in uptime is critical to the applications or services running over the connection. Your broadband t1 will be priced between $275 and $1,200 monthly.

A voice t1 is a great way for businesses of all sizes to reduce costs associated with direct voice communications. A voice t1 will support a maximum of 24 voice lines and provides a connection straight from the provider backbone. This makes a voice t1 a consistently reliable connection on two levels.

An integrated t1 line is a combination of a T1 for data and a voice T1. Most broadband providers have the ability to effectively split a t1 broadband line to provide the desired number of voice lines along with an incredibly reliable data internet connection.

1.5 to 6 mbps connection - Dedicated lines for 50+ users and/or high bandwidth applications. Multiple t1 lines can be used to secure point-to-point access.

A 6 to 45 mbps dedicated connection for 100+ users and/or high bandwidth applications. A t3 or ds3 connection can also be used for point-to-point access.

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