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Exchange Email Hosting

Top Product Requests
Exchange Hosting
Exchange Email Hosting
Business Email Hosting
Email Domain Hosting
Exchange Email Hosting
Hosted Exchange Server
Company Email Hosting
  • Unlimited access to email
  • Collaborate more effectively
  • Share company database
  • Share calendar and contacts
  • Update your calendar remotely
  • Safeguard your information
  • Save money and time
You don't need an IT staff to have the luxury of big business email technology.
Exchange Email Hosting : Small Business can now have big business email technology. Exchange Email Hosting includes group scheduling, shared calendars, contact management, public folders, and more.

Enjoy peace of mind. We handle all maintenance, upgrades, and updates.
Download Microsoft Outlook instantly! You can be up and running in minutes. Packages start at $12.95 per month. Have the Freedom to work anywhere; anytime while we take care of the maintenance.

Purchase a smartphone or PDA here or use your own compatible mobile device.
We offer compatible PDA's and Smartphone's for Cingular, Sprint, Nextel, and Verizon. IceMAIL can be used with any Blackberry, GoodLink, or ActiveSync enabled device 24/7.

Small Business Solution Professional Solution Wireless Option
  • 200 MB Storage
  • Microsoft Outlook 2003
  • Outlook Web Access
  • 24/7 Support
  • Anti-Virus / Anti-Spam
  • Use Existing Domain
  • Optional: Wireless, Faxing, and Archiving
  • 30-2000 MB Storage
  • Microsoft Outlook 2003
  • Outlook Web Access
  • 24/7 Support
  • Anti-Virus / Anit-Spam
  • Use Existing Domain
  • Intranet Access
  • Optional: Wireless, Faxing, and Archiving
  • Synchronized Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, and Notes
  • Email Received Real Time
  • 24/7 Support
  • All Outlook Features Available
  • Optional: Faxing and Archiving
  • Learn More Learn More Learn More

    Click here for Exchange Email Hosting Prices

    IceMAIL Exchange Hosting Basics

    Exchange Hosting: A managed and hosted enterprise email service built around the advanced messaging capabilities of Microsoft Exchange Server enables you to communicate more efficiently while reducing costs and eliminating the trouble of maintaining dedicated in-house servers. Enterprise-class reliability, performance, and value for a simple, low monthly cost.

    Exchange Hosting Mailbox
    Each Exchange supported mailbox comes with the newest and most technologically advanced form of anti-virus and anti-spam protection and includes 100 MB of storage.

    Microsoft Outlook Licensing
    Each account receives a licensed copy of Microsoft’s newest version of Outlook. Your email will be synchronized in real time between your computer(s) and our managed Exchange servers.

    Your Hosted Email Address
    You can have an email address or use a custom domain name that you already own.

    Managing Shared Tasks
    Tasks can be shared with others in your company. You can see when others have completed or postponed a shared task.

    Managing Your Contacts
    You can import your email contacts and add, change, or delete them whenever you want. You decide which contacts are shared or private.

    Manage Your Group Calendar
    Each email account has an interactive calendar that stays synchronized with your local Outlook calendar. Others in your company can see your availability and request your attendance for meetings, events, and appointments.

    Wireless Device Synchronization
    Send and receive email while traveling, waiting in line, or having lunch. IceMAIL will keep your wireless PDA or Smartphone synchronized, in real time. You can even view and edit attachments on your wireless device.

    Inbound/Outbound Faxing
    Add a toll-free fax number to your IceMAIL account. Send and receive faxes using your Outlook or wireless device.

    Import Existing Data
    Transfer your existing Outlook or other data into IceMAIL.

    Additional Storage
    Add more storage for your data or large attachments.

    New Domain Name
    Have a professional email domain such as

    Archiving & Compliance
    Long term data archiving that meets your industry and government compliance regulations.

    Works with the top three Wireless Service Providers.
    You can have your Treo on Verizon while your boss is using his Blackberry on Cingular/AT&T and your peer is using an iPAQ on Sprint/NexTel.

    Wireless Synchronization Software

    • GoodLink for devices using Palm & Microsoft OS
    • ActiveSync for devices using Microsoft OS
    • Blackberry Sync for RIM devices
    • Use your existing PDA/Smartphone or you can purchase one from us.

    Click here for more Exchange Email Hosting details

    IceMAIL Exchange Email Hosting Benefits

    Group Calendar Management

    • Share calendars for scheduling appointments
    • Automatically send invites to meetings
    • View your calendar remotely

    Access & Share Email

    • Synchronize with Microsoft Outlook
    • Manages your incoming mail
    • Newest virus protection and spam filters
    • Reduce risk of losing important documents
    • Access email anytime, anywhere

    Share Files, Contacts & Tasks

    • Share company contact database
    • View, edit, & print documents
    • Collaborate on projects with team members

    Improve Communications

    • Effective collaboration leads to increased productivity
    • Reduce the wait for website-based email
    • Improve email quality and reliability

    Manage Your Business Better

    • Increase return on investment
    • Improve client relationships
    • Accelerate time to market
    • Reduce sales cycle

    Exchange Email Hosting - Click here to view the Demo

    24/7 Exchange Email Hosting Support

    Small Business Advantage - Exchange Email Hosting

    IceWEB specializes in working with small to medium sized businesses that require Internet communications expertise. Our professional sales and support team has the experience to help your company improve business through the use of technology. We currently support over 20,000 Internet email users. We can help you choose the right devices, service, and plan.

    IceMAIL Exchange Email Hosting Security

    Advanced Security Features:

    • Daily Content Backup
    • Active Monitoring 24/7
    • Microsoft Certified Staff
    • Anti-Virus Protection
    • Redundant Power
    • Network Redundancy
    • State-of-the-art security
    • Load Balancing
    • Service Level Agreement
    • Anti Spam Protection
    • Disaster Proof Facilities
    Secure your Opportunities, Profits, Revenues, Prospects, and Communications
    Let IceWEB eliminate your downtime and security concerns by hosting your exchange email services.

    Click here for more Exchange Email Hosting information

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